Monday, 3 September 2012

I'm Back!

As we enter September, the wettest UK summer on record looks to be turning into a glorious early autumn. And things are looking up for me too. I have finally left the CIPD and can end several months of self imposed purdah to resume my regular commentary on the state of the jobs market, both here and abroad.

It's been an odd time on the jobs scene. The economy is back in recession but the number of people in work has been rising and unemployment is falling. Puzzling indeed, and in future posts I'll be looking at all the possible explanations, including some that haven't been given much attention in public debate.

I'm also eager to see what, if anything, this week's economic policy announcements and government ministerial reshuffle might do to boost growth and jobs. I'm sceptical that a change in personnel will make much difference, especially since it looks as though the Prime Minister's turn of the political rubic cube is set to leave the biggest players where they are. But it should be an interesting few weeks with policy tensions in the coalition parties likely to mount during the conference season. I can't wait to get back in the game.    


  1. John, welcome back. Would like to discuss the possibility of a guest blog from you for a company I work with. If you're interested, please send contact details to, or call me on +33 467 247 617

    Regards, Andy Turner

  2. Hi John, I am not puzzled by the economy being in recession yet unemployment falling aspect at all. In my experience there seem to be a lot of people were severed/made redundant from well paid full time jobs and are now on low paid full or part time jobs. Many class themselves as self-employed, freelance or are one man/woman companies. The impact on this on taxation income is obvious but also these folks are probably now propping up their income with working and child tax credits. That's my thoughts anyway. Can't wait to see what you dig up. Una @connectweets